Ranking YouTube Videos Like a Pro

There are many ways to generate traffic from the biggest search engine on earth: Google. Ranking a fresh website can take a long time, and most people are looking for fast results. If you are working in the client SEO niche, then you can understand this, because most clients want results and they want them fast! Ranking a website with blackhat techniques is the unique way to achieve such requirements, abut again it’s only a temporary solution, because sooner or later Google will catch you, penalize you and even de-index your website.

YouTube-uppHowever, there is an easy way to generate traffic and this is the help of YouTube videos. In fact, these videos are easier to rank in Google, because they are like “parasites”, they get a big help from the high domain authority that comes from root domain. If you want to achieve great results and make your clients happy, then try ranking some YouTube videos and generate laser-targeted traffic in a very quick time!

If you want to rank these videos, first you need to care about both: on-page and off-page, just like any other website. You need to put your keyword in title, descriptions and tags. Try even adding some comments with your keywords, this is a great top tip. When it comes to off-page, video embeds and spam are the way to go. Just don’t go too spammy, a few hundreds of blog comments, some high PR links and social signals will do the trick. If you follow these steps, you will be ranking in no time for an easy keyword.

As you can see it’s possible to generate laser-targeted traffic without much struggle. Start ranking YouTube videos while you work on a white hat manner on your principal website.